Thursday, January 29, 2009



Wow!!! I've been tagged by Anjou of Dreaming in Color. This is very exciting for me as I have only been blogging since November. It took me awhile to really get into posting daily or at least seveal times a week. But I've really been on a roll this week and last. I think it is because I didn't have any classes to prepare for. Then my new SU order arrived and I was really inspired to try to make something each day. So thank you Anjou for this honor!!
Now I have to list my 5 addictions, out loud, in public. Those who know me personally will not be surprised by my list!
5. Thursday night tv: Smallville (yes!!), CSI (the original), Grey's Anatomy, ER, Burn Notice
Thank goodness for DVR!
4. My three grandkids and one more on the way. Would love to see them more, but we live miles and miles apart.
3. Reading: Nora Roberts and JD Rob, and any kind of romance. Just got to have something to read while eating breakfast and right before bedtime to unwind.
2. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
1. Diet Coke: first thing in the morning and afternoon, and one while I'm stamping to go with the chocolate!
There you have it, my dirty little secrets!
Now I would like to tag five others. These ladies know their stuff. Check them out:

Okay, I spent all this time deciding on who to tag and now I don't have time to stamp tonight, darn!!! That's the price of fame,lol!


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Enjoy the award! It's definitely well deserved. I'm off to check your nominees. PS. I love Nora Roberts too!