Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay, everyone up north have been posting the beautiful pictures of their snowfalls and talking about how cold it is. Well I live in south Texas just north of Houston. It does not snow here very often BUT this year, just before Christmas it DID. I teach Kindergarten and most of the students in my school had never seen a snowfall here. If they wanted to see snow they had to visit Grandma in Vermont! I had a difficult time getting a shot of the snow as it was falling since it didn't show up in the photos. I was standing at the back of the school where we load the buses taking pictures of the snow as it fell, but you just couldn't see it in the pics, so I gave up. As I went to my car parked in the front of the school I was happy to find some snow that I could take a picture of. Now if you are from the north where you get lots of snow, don't laugh at this picture. It was a BIG deal to those of us in Houston!



Paula said...

I have relatives in League City...and they took TONS of pictures of their snow...I have to laugh..because I've STILL got snow on my porch and yard and roads and.... anyway, it is pretty...especially when you don't have to deal with the after math day in and day out!

Laura said...

LOL I just have to laugh, Laura! I'm in Northern Michigan and we have had 4 feet of snow in the back yard since early December!!! Wish I could send some your way!!! Enjoy!

Anjou Krelovich said...

I remember those days. The kids must have loved it!