Monday, January 19, 2009

Making My List!

Okay THIS time I am making my Wish List for the new catty, NOT my TO DO List. I got everything on it done except for the message, they were already booked! So, I have an appointment for Tuesday!! Yea! I did a couple of extra things that were not on my list: 1. I went to Office Depot and got my new SU catalog spiral bound. Note to you SU demos out there: A fellow demon suggested that I print off the dormant list (which now has pictures of the sets and is condenced to about 4 pages, and print of the supply list for the samples in the catty. Well that was 24 pages so I passed on the since I can look at it on-line. But I did have the 4 pages of dormant stamps bound into my catty)2. I stopped at Wal-mart and bought 3 packs of fresh blueberries to put in the freezer. I love them frozen in my cereal each morning.
Before I go make my list, here is something I made Saturday. I got the idea from No Time To Stamp?'s blog. She had made it alot bigger, but I wanted to be able to use my tag punches so my is tiny but still cute!I will being sharing it at stamp club next month.Here's the link to Sharon's.

Here is my version using the large and small tag punches.



Kelly Haberstroh said...

Super cute!!! Great job!!!

Paula said...

Love your accordian tag! Very Sweet!

MaryJo said...

Super cute, love the colors!!

Ellie said...

Adorable! Love those colors!

Sharon said...

This is just too cute!