Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Thump in the Night

The first time I heard that thump it went something like this......

She said: Honey, do you hear that noise? It sounds like its coming from the attic!
He said: Yea, is it squirrels, you think?
She said: No, they usually run across the roof. This sounds like someone walking in the attic!
He said: What could it be?
She said: Sounds like a person. Do you think we have an intruder?
He said: Could be.
She said: Do you think a homeless person is living up there?
He said: What?
She said: What are you going to do about it?
He said: I think its an animal. I'll have to call someone tomorrow.
She said: Maybe I can scare it out.

So she opens up the attic, sticks her head in and starts screaming. ......Nothing happens. So she goes to the kitchen and gets a pot and wooden spoon and climbs back up the ladder to the attic and bangs away.

He said: What in the world are you doing?
She said: Scaring away the animal.
He said: Did it work?
She said: Nope.

Anyway after calling the pest control guy and having him come out and set a trap we finally rid our selves of the animal in the attic. He told my husband to cover the space in the garage attic that the animal was using to get into the house attic, but has he ever done that? No.
Sooooooo every so often, when I am sitting in my stamp room I hear:

And I say: Honey, he's baaaaaack!

What is in the attic? This fellow and his cousins.

We caught this one on Friday night and another one on Saturday night. I'm sitting in my stamp room right now and thankfully do not hear anymore thumping, but it's early yet. Wish my hubby would just cover the way in! I am afraid to even look to see what damage they are doing in my stuff in the attic.

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Sharon said...

He is so cute...but I don't think they make very good pets. lol