Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sasssc Birthday Party

The 2nd annual Sasssc Birthday Party!
these pictures are kind of out of order, but just excuse that and enjoy the show.
Time to party!

Self explainatory

For the main course we were served roasted pork, pineapple casserole, brocolli casserole and tomatoe casserole.
The birthday committee
Terry, Annie, Delia, Crystal,and Deb

Great job girls!

This was a darling shrink art charm that was on top of our pink flamingo cupcake. It was personalized so that we could add it to our key chain or bag tag.
Crystal made this wonderful salad with a homemade vinagerette dressing that was to die for.

Annie made these darling Pink Flamingo cupcakes.

We were supossed to play games but the rain didn't cooperate. Thank goodness or we would have had to bob for apples. Instead, Delia made us pose with an apple in our mouth wearing this pig nose. We were supposed to look like a roasted pig for the laua.
Deb was a roasted pig!

Delia's stuffed pig!

Mary's head on a platter!

Deb and Terry are making flowers for our hair.

Vegas doll


Can you see the raindrops on the welcome sign?


Don't you just love the cake!

This is Vegas in her hawaiian outfit

Yesterday was our 2nd Annual Sasssc ( pronounced sassy) Birthday Party. It was a Hawaiian Luau so we were all to dress in our Hawaiian gear. It sounded good at the time, but then I woke up yesterday morning to cold cold temps and rain. But being a trouper, I put on my flip flops, hawaain shirt and capris and headed over to the party. We had a great time even though we had to forego the outdoor games (what a shame, yeah). I was greeted at the door with a Pina Colada, yum, and a flowered lai. We had wonderful prizes, make and take, food and of course swaps. Here are some pics of our good time.

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