Sunday, March 28, 2010

I've been mooned by Zindorf!

Michelle and me at the workshop
The teacher

Michelle's sample

My first zindorf card!

Here is Michelle "mooning" the class, lol!

Here's my moon.

This is how she keeps up with her class samples and steps.

This is called Le Jardin Bontanique on a golden lake.

I was one of the lucky ones that was able to get into the Dallas area Zindorf brayer class today! This is the first Texas class that I have seen on her calendar. I barely got in and she had a looooong waiting list. She did 4 classes, two yesterday and two today. She does a beginner and an advanced. I got into the beginner only, but I will keep an eye out for her to come my way again so that I can get into that advanced class. Michelle was so much fun and her class was too. We were all amazed by our end products. There were many aha! moments. I'm sure you have drooled over her cards and often wondered how she gets those wonderful effects with her brayer. Well there IS a technique to it. I can't wait to demonstrate it to my down/side line and club members. I will let you in on a secret though ......start off the paper!

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Sonia said...

Hi there Laura - it's Sonia - I wanted to know if you will ever be teaching this technique? I have found her blog before and her cards are amazing! Good job!