Saturday, February 28, 2009

ABC Baby Ablum

My DIL is have a baby shower tomorrow. This will be her first child, my 4th grandchild. I special ordered her gifts on the web and was assured they would be here is 3-5 days. But when I got home from school yesterday, I still had not received the packages. I was assuming it was being shipped UPS, so now I'm think what am I going to give her? I had the little handmade note cards and the onsie bottle, but that just didn't seem enough. Then an idea hit me! Why not make her a baby album. I love making the ABC albums, they are quick and cute. I happened to have this Rusty Pickle kit that I got last year at the Creating Keepsakes convention when it came to Houston. I pulled that sucker out and in 4 hours I had it completed. Now all she has to do is add the photos!



neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Very nice Album!
Thank you for sharing!



Sharon said...

I love the album you made for your new grandson! I am sure your DIL loved it also. It will be so easy for her to put in their pictures..and you know that since this is their first child, they will take plenty of pictures.

Lil' Inker said...

This is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MollyD said...

What a great job on this book! I wish someone would make me one!!!

Julia Pollard said...

Fabulous album, it's gorgeous.