Saturday, September 26, 2009

Felted Cardstock

I can't believe its been almost a month since my last post. It's because I am a teacher, a kindergarten teacher, and school started last month!! I am also a grandmother, and precious Jaxon lives close enough for his parents to drop him off without must notice so they can go to the movies (and I can't say no, nor do I want to). Plus I've had stamp clubs to prepare for and scrapbooking class to make layouts for, and SU Open House and World Card Making Day to get ready for, plus the new Grey's Anatomy and Dancing With the Stars has started their new you see why it's been so long?!
But I have some things to show you now! Two weeks ago I realized it was my turn to do the demonstration for the SASSSC group....ooops, I thought I was supposed to bring the food. So now I had to find something to demo that they hadn't seen. Well since it was Wednesday, I had received my SCS weekly inking newsletter. When I opened it and saw the tutorial for that week I was so happy!!! Here was the prefect technique to demo. I even had pretty napkins on hand!
Be sure to check out the tutorial for Felted Cardstock on their site.

felted floral
The beautiful backgrounds on both these cards is actually a pretty napkin that has been "felted" to the cardstock using cling wrap and an iron! I really had fun making them. Now when I see pretty napkins, I will be looking to see if the print is something I can use on a card!

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Sharon said...

I had forgotten about this technique. I must try it soon. I like the look.